Honky Tonk Pub Crawl

Nashville's ORIGINAL Pub Crawl!

Get a Sampling of the Incredible Music of Nashville!

Don't be fooled by the imiations.  A pub crawl in Music City that doesn't give you the experience of music isn't a real pub crawl.  Other pub crawls last 2 hours and only go to 3 bars and you don't even get to listen to the wonderful music Nashville has to offer.  Instead, they entertain you with TRIVIA?  Really?! That's not what I call entertainment!  With the Honky Tonk Pub Crawl, you see more historical spots, hear more stories, and listen to more music than on any other tour in Music City.  You'll be Drinkin' and Learnin'!

Nashville's BEST Walking Tour/Pub Crawl Combo! You get to do a pub crawl while, at the same time, taking a walking sightseeing tour of downtown Nashville along the way! No one else can offer you that. Let a local show you how it's done! This isn't just a drinking tour; it's a tasting of the variety of musical talent that Nashville has to offer. You will also learn about Music City's rich history with its musical legends, pioneer settlers, brothels and gambling.  When you finish this tour, you will see sights, learn about Nashville's history as well as its seedier past, and get a sampling of the different styles of music in downtown Music City.

Patrons will not only get a good time, but they will receive discounts and freebies to bars and restaurants downtown. You'll get much more bang for your buck!  The tour lasts approximately 3-hours.

Tours are Thursday - Sunday at 5:30pm. Tickets are $20 per person.       (a 3.5% fee will be added to all credit card charges. )

***With the discounts and freebies, the tour will PAY FOR ITSELF!!!***

It's a Sightseeing Tour & a Pub Crawl combined!

2 Attractions for the price of 1!

What is a Honky-Tonk?
Well, a honky-tonk is a bar, usually a dive bar, that plays live music. Tonk comes from William Tonk & Bros, makers of upright pianos and player-pianos. Honky comes from bohunk, a person of Bohemian/Hungarian decent. It can also mean a rough or uncivilized person. I think that second definition sums it up.

How do you Honky-Tonk?
Well, if you do it right, you'll have had the time of your life, even if you don't remember all of it!

Tours are Thursday - Sunday at 5:30pm.  Tickets are $20 per person.

You can go Honky-Tonk Hoppin' with our standup comedian tour guide! We'll show you how the locals pub crawl. We meet up at 5:15pm at Dick's Last Resort and pub crawl til 8pm or later...the early bird special. We'll show the ropes, then tote you back to the meetin' place or you're on your own. Great for private parties or to meet other honky-tonkers.

  • We'll walk less than a half a mile, so wear comfortable shoes!

  • Make sure you EAT BEFORE THE TOUR.  Nothing worse than drinking on an empty stomach.

  • This is a sightseeing tour AND pub crawl, so you will actually see more than just bars.

  • This tour stops at 4-5 bars, so adults only and make sure you bring your ID.

  • We ain't ya mama, so act right in public!

  • We offer specials in most of these bars and pubs = more bang for your buck!

Participants must be 21 & up with a valid photo ID.

Tickets: $20  (a 3.5% fee will be added to all credit card charges.) 

**Price does not include drinks at the venues. Tipping your tour guide is highly appreciated.  

Stops on this tour include, but not limited to: